Mobile Money

This service enables registered individuals to withdraw cash, store money, make payments and send money P-2-P using their mobile phones or at any iRecharge agent location.

Please see below the services available on iRecharge Mobile Money.

Bank Transfer – This service allows you to transfer to any account in any local bank or financial institution from your user wallet or by paying cash to any iRecharge agent.

Wallet transfer – Transfer from your wallet to any other iRecharge user or vendor wallet.

Cash in/Cash out - Pay cash into your wallet or withdraw cash from your wallet at any iRecharge Agent location.

Send and Receive Money – Send money to family, friends and beneficiaries that have no bank account or wallet by using just their phone number! They can receive at any iRecharge agent near them.


To Agents

  •  Earn on every transaction.
  •  Additional Revenue Stream.
  •  Increased footfall at Agent locations.
  •  Increased Number of services available to customers.

To Users

  •  Convenience.
  •  Accessibility to mobile money services from iRecharge Account.
  •  Safety and Security.

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Question: Why do I have to provide my BVN to use this service?

Ans: BVN verification is for the customer/agents security, the system matches your BVN to the primary phone number on your iRecharge account to ensure that nobody else can access your mobile wallet!

Question: How do I Sign Up?

Ans: Click on create account on the website to set up an iRecharge Account.

Question: Who Can I send Money to?

Ans: Users can send money to any one with or without a wallet or bank Account. You can also send money to anyone with an active phone number.

Question: Do I pay subscription fees to be an agent?

Ans: Yes, you are required to pay the sum of N5000 for startup.

Question: How can I receive money?

Ans: Registered or unregistered users can receive money at any iRecharge Agent.

Question: Can I cancel “send money” transaction. If the recipients have not collected it and retrieve my money?

Ans: No, completed transactions cannot be cancelled.

Question: Which banks can I use iRecharge to send money to?

Ans: You can send money to any of the local Banks or financial institutions.

Question: Can I cancel a “bank transfer” transaction?

Ans: No, successful transactions cannot be refunded.

Question: How much can I charge for a transaction?

Ans: iRecharge Agents can charge any amount.

Question: Will i receive alerts?

Ans: Yes, a notification is sent for every successful transaction.

Question: How can I view successful mobile money transactions on my dashboard?

Ans: Click on “transaction summary” on the menu and select mobile money on the options to view.

Question: How can I change the number on my profile as the one I have is not tied to my BVN?

Ans: Please go to “Edit Profile” on the Vendor Web Side Menu.

Question: How can I get the new App with mobile money?

Ans: Please search for iRecharge on your App/Play Store

Question: What do I do when I lose my reference number and how do I retrieve it?

Ans: Please contact the sender for the reference number

Question: What do I do when I don’t get an OTP while performing a cash out?

Ans: Please wait for 5 minutes and ask the agent to restart the transaction again.