iRecharge Perks

Design a custom promotion or give out gifts and rewards in airtime. Upload recipient lists and customize the SMS they receive with it. iRecharge perks is available to all signed up users on any iRecharge service.


  • It facilitates customer and employee reward system
  • Manage reward criteria and parameters
  • Ease of documentation of beneficiaries.
  • Get discounts on your rewards on iRecharge Biz and iRecharge Corporate
  • Generate gift vouchers that can be used as payment on the iRecharge website

Here are a few examples of how you can take advantage of iRecharge Perks, There is always a reward for the consumer in terms of benefits and the business in terms of increased sales.

Promotions can be directed at the customer, sales staff or distribution channel members and are therefore suitable for all solutions.

Your hotel can use iRecharge perks to reward loyal customers or as a way of retaining new customers. Hotel management can automatically gift guests airtime at check in. The value of the airtime will be defined by the hotel and can be a fixed amount or determined by the customers profile or bill. You can also increase your patronage for specific periods by offering free airtime top ups to all guests that check in between a particular date range.  

Restaurants can reward their most consistent customers at the end of every month. For instance, a certain customer has his lunch break at your restaurant or orders for it every day of the month, the customers loyalty deserves to be rewarded. iRecharge perks can be used to generate a voucher for that customer which can be a certain % of the total amount the customer has spent that month and the customer can simply visit the iRecharge website and use the voucher to purchase airtime from the website. 

A supermarket can generate vouchers as reward for its customers based on their purchase of a particular product or when their total bill is up to a certain amount. This is certainly an efficient method of increasing total sales, promoting a product and also a way to keep customers coming back.

Recreational centres such as bars, gymnasiums, outdoor facilities etc. have an existing customer base and also one-time customers. For instance gym members can get a free voucher if they pay new month membership fees before the previous month runs out. A voucher can be attached to the purchase of a certain drink in the bar, and whoever purchases the drink gets the voucher.  

Use iRecharge perks to make existing customers even more loyal and give the one time customers a reason to come back. Surprise your customers or even your staff with vouchers to purchase iRecharge products based on whatever criteria suits your business. Tailor your reward or promotion system to be convenient for you and also exciting for your customers and clients. Use any of our templates to design your vouchers and order discount prints. Feel free to get creative and design your own custom promotions.

Contact us with the details and iRecharge will make it happen.



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